Interior TCM Acupuncture

Most extended health benefits plans cover acupuncture treatments. The amounts vary from plan to plan. The reimbursements can range from $100 - $500 per calendar year. Please check with your employer or insurance company directly for coverage. Some of the carriers of extended health benefits are Sun Life, Manual Life, Maritime Life, Green Shield and Blue Cross.


Appointments must be pre-approved in writing from your own case manager before starting a series of treatments. WCB goes case by case and approved by you individual adjustor. Generally a Doctors referral is required.

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Approval process
Upon approval, injured workers can receive up to five acupuncture treatments over two weeks.

Concurrent treatments
Generally, injured workers should receive treatment from only one medical or rehabilitation service provider at a time. This means that workers who are receiving acupuncture should not be receiving other treatments at the same time. For more information, see Section 72.00 in Chapter 10 (PDF 180kb) of the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual.


Appointments must be pre-approved in writing either by your ICBC case manager or your lawyer. ICBC goes case by case depending on what treatments have been advised for your injury. Generally a Doctors referral is required.


MSP will cover $23.00 towards each treatment if you make $28,000 per year or less. You can claim reimbursement with the issued receipts. A maximum of ten (10 ) treatments are allowed per calendar year. The ten treatments can be made up of Physiotherapy, Massage, Chiropractic and Acupuncture. You can make up any combination but must not exceed ten treatments.


DVA covers acupuncture treatments. You will require a Doctors referral and an Identification card number. You must present both of these at the time of your first appointment in order to receive an approval number. As of November 15, 2010 DVA will pay $70 towards your first visit and $60 for subsequent visits. A maximum of fifteen (15) visits are available per year. Payment of the difference is requested at the time of each appointment. Our clinic will submit the appropriate paperwork to DVA to cover the extra cost.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police Benefit program will now cover the full price of all acupuncture treatments. However, if a person is receiving many different
types of treatments they need to ensure they do not exceed the allotted dollar amount in a calendar year.

In order for the clinic to bill the RCMP directly, a Doctors referral is required.