Interior TCM Acupuncture

Dietary therapy is based on the same Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Firstly, most all foods are eaten cooked which is quite different than what we have been brought up with in North America. It is much harder on the stomach to process cold, raw foods. That’s why people end up with an “ice cream” or “brain freeze” headache. The cold has hit the stomach and it’s like throwing ice into boiling water, it splashes up.

Food, like the seasons, is broken down into many different categories. To name just a few; cool, cold, warm, hot. Depending on a person’s predisposition, particular food will enhance or detract from the body. For example, someone with a heat tendency will always be craving cold fluid, cold crunchy raw foods and foods that create heat, like tomatoes vs asparagus. Because the stomach needs to “cook it” before processing it, it has to work harder therefore resulting in more heat. These types of symptoms may appear, cold hands/feet, diarrhea (or alternating constipation), stomach cramps, bloating, fatigue.

We’ve all been born with our own nature. What we expose ourselves to alters the original tendencies. Stress increase heat, eating irregularly increase heat. We are more exposed to this in North America. Most nations around the world cook their food and “take time” to eat.