Interior TCM Acupuncture

Ear seeding is another modality which is used either separately or in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. They are an actual seed called Vaccaria. These are taped to the particular locations on the ear which correlate to the same region of the body which is in distress. These seeds can be left for 7-10 days. Monitoring of the seed and placement will be done at intervals.
Interior TCM Acupuncture

The ears in Chinese medicine are like a hologram for the rest of the body. There are particular areas on the ears which correspond to particular areas of the body and organs.

Ear tacks can be used as semi-permanent or only for the duration of an acupuncture treatment. They are either stainless steel or gold. They are kept for 3-4 days in the summer or 5-7 days in the winter.

Monitoring of the ear tacks are done every second day.