Interior TCM Acupuncture

Medical Qi Gong therapy are specific techniques that use the knowledge of the internal and external body energies to purge, tonify and balance. These are safe and effective ways for a patient to rid toxic buildup of toxic pathogens and years of painful emotions that often lead to mental and physical illness.

The structural formation of the “Wei Qi” which protects the outer body as well as the internal organs can be affected by the internal and external pathogenic factors. The external factors are environmental influences which when in extreme forms, such as Wind, Cold, Damp, Heat, Dry affect the physical. Internal factors are emotional traumas, such as anger, frustration, grief, sadness etc. How the body adapts to these life force changes affects the healing process. These forces are constantly changing throughout the day.

There are many types of Qi Gong exercises. Movement can be done in different positions, moving, standing, sitting or lying down. Some can be used for pure “movement” while others are considered moving meditation. Medical Qi Gong involves all of the patient’s physical senses and the concentration is focused on breathing, hearing, visual and muscle relaxation. Movements also help to develop the person’s intrinsic energy.

Qi Gong differs from Tai Chi in the respect particular movements are done for particular organs or diseases. Often in Asia you will see both being practiced outside, indoors and in the hospitals.