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Interior TCM Acupuncture
I've suffered from allergies for decades and have also been told I am a reactive asthmatic. In August 2016, despite taking regular medications, I was a mess. It felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest and I couldn't stop coughing. My doctor said she didn't know what else she could do for me but that another patient with similar issues had seen Marylyn Bell for acupuncture and that she was doing better.

I saw Marylyn the very next day. When I told her about the elephant on my chest she said that by the time I left I would only have a small mouse on my chest. At this stage I was open to anything, but was also not really believing anything would happen. But she was right, and by the end of the appointment there was only a small mouse on my chest. When I arrived for my second appointment I had a cough that wouldn't stop, and again, just as she advised, by the time I left I had completely stopped coughing.

Acupuncture from Marylyn, together with her suggestions and sound advice, has been a turning point for me. I continue to see her for various problems, which have included back pain and hot flashes, and have always found relief. I am completely sold on acupuncture and am so very grateful to have found Marylyn.

Cindy M.

Interior TCM Acupuncture
During 2009, I had concerns about my health because of dry eyes and mouth, cold fingers and toes. The toes often inflamed. My family doctor and eye specialist did tests and told me that I did not have Sjogren's Syndrome nor Reynaud's disease. Since I was not finding relief of my symptoms I decided to call Marylyn Bell who had spoken at an information meeting for Sjogren's.

At my first acupuncture appointment , with needles in my arms, ears and lower legs for a half hour, my feet & fingers were hot. While discussing my health problems, Marylyn told me how "stress" (emotions) can slow down many of the body's functions. The brain affects the physiological; therefore my circulatory system could be conserving energy by closing off blood to my extremities. With continuing appointments, my fingers/hands and toes were warm to the touch and after a year the nails were nicely pink without the unsightly deep ridges. I actually had moons on more than just my thumbs. I used to have muscle ache on my left back hip and following acupuncture treatments, that discomfort and pain disappeared. I have the rheumatoid arthritis which is very evident in my knobby knuckles but the acupuncture treatments (with suggested exercises) have made the arthritis virtually pain-free.

In 2011, I suffered a concussion after a fall while curling. Marylyn suggested that I wait a week for a treatment (scraping) and within the next week I was free of all muscle aches/tightness and back to normal activities.

From mid November until end of December (2012), I was experiencing a variety of muscle aches in my back and right leg. Believing this was caused by muscles being injured (shin splints, anterior compartment syndrome, piriformis muscle problem) through minor slips/falls and trying Yoga without my orthotics; I thought that heat and or ice would help. These provided temporary relief; however, I still had difficulty putting socks on, getting up from sitting, brushing teeth or washing my face and I wasn't able to figure out the cause of the pain. In January, I finally made an appointment with Marylyn and had an acupuncture treatment. Four hours later, I was totally pain-free and moving without worrying about twinges or pain. During the rest of the week, I did have times of discomfort but I felt the acupuncture was continuing to work through my body. Instead of making a physio appointment, I made another appointment with Marylyn and she told me that my problem was not "soft tissue" damage but a sciatic nerve problem. 15 days after my initial acupuncture treatment, I felt totally "normal " and was able to move without any problems or worries. Walking is a part of my recovery and I now have the freedom to move, curl, ski and be as active as I like.

Marylyn has been very open about giving suggestions to help oneself. One just has to remember to continue the exercises to work on maintaining one's health. I fully believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine through Marylyn has been the most beneficial thing for my well-being and I recommend her to anyone whom I believe could benefit when "Western" prescriptions do not work.


Interior TCM Acupuncture
Since meeting Marilyn we have tackled numerous concerns with wonderful success. The first visits I had were after extreme stress. I had not being able to grieve the loss of my father and as result had extreme insomnia, depression and what was later described as post traumatic stress syndrome. Marilyn's treatments allowed my emotions to surface, my body to relax, and finally I was able to sleep. Wow what a gift!

I am now on regular regime to regulate my menstrual cycle and avoid breast tenderness and irregular periods. As Marilyn puts it "your period should just come and then go". I can honestly say that I feel fantastic after my treatments not to mention the joy my husband has too!! Thank you so much.

Marie H, Vernon

Interior TCM Acupuncture
After trying so many other methods and encountering multiple miscarriages I was willing to give acupuncture a try. A neighbour recommended Marlyn to me and from our first visit I was very comfortable and optimistic about my treatment. Marylyn gave me hope as she was very articulate and clear on our road to baby success! After several months of treatment I was pregnant and her guidance, positive attitude and calm ways helped me endure the long 9 months of pregnancy.

Acupuncture not only helped by body it also strengthened my mind! I am very thankful that I was willing to give acupuncture a try. Thanks to Maryln and her treatments I’m blessed with 2 healthy children!

Lisa G.

Interior TCM Acupuncture
Simply put, Maylyn Bell's knowledge and application of TCM has been pivotal in delivering me to health. Late diagnosed hypothyroidism, fertility issues, constant nausea and vertigo are some of the symptoms that have dogged me for years and had a profound effect on my home and work. Loading up on prescriptive medicine to treat the symptoms and not the causes wasn't going to work for me either. I despaired and at 45 years old dreaded the thought of entering menopause and getting even worse.

In a moment of grace, I came across Marylyn's practice and set up an appointment. I'll be 49 soon, and for the first time in my life have a regular monthly cycle, only occasional nausea and vertigo, and massively improved general health and outlook. Oh yes, and I've also gone from 235lbs to 180lbs without dieting, just gently and steadily treating the body with acupuncture. I continue to see Marilyn monthly,( sometimes twice a month if I need an extra tweak ) and plan on doing so for the rest of my life.

Thank you Marylyn!

Jane A, Vernon, BC

Interior TCM Acupuncture
Hi Marylyn,

I recently witnessed a motor vehicle accident, I actually was driving ahead of my daughter and she following me was in a car accident, resulting in flipping her vehicle. I was in shock and very upset. I went for an acupuncture treatment the next day and it really helped with the anxiety and I felt so much better after the treatment. I never felt the needles as Marylyn has a unique way of keeping your attention and distracting you from the needles completely.

I would highly recommend getting acupuncture for almost any ailment. You come out feeling calm and restored every time.


Marilyn M. Vernon, BC

Interior TCM Acupuncture
I feel terrific after 4 years of suffering!!!! I go for a massage now every 3 weeks instead of every week and can actually feel the massage!! I must admit I was very nervous at the thought of getting help, "outside the box" but I sure am glad I finally did. I just don't know why it took me so long.

Because of you I am able to start the vacation of a lifetime, a motorcycle ride throughout the western United States. Thank you so much for all your help, it is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Debbie W. Vancouver, BC

Interior TCM Acupuncture
I first visited Marylyn for an acupuncture treatment to seek relief from severe pms as well as spells of vertigo. From the beginning, Marylyn has proven to be intuitive, realistic, a great listener and a proactive healer. My pms as vastly improved and the vertigo is a thing of the past. Most recently, I have had some devastating losses, the breakdown of my marriage and the loss of my father, and Marylyn has used acupuncture to help me get through the difficult days.

Thank you Marylyn for you passion and commitment to help and heal others.

Joanne J., Vernon,BC